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Book Match 


Finding a good book can be difficult and time-consuming. Oftentimes the summary tells you little about what's inside and individuals spend excessive team reading samples only to find that they don't enjoy it. Searching shelves hoping to find an intriguing cover can take hours. 


4 Week Primary Sprint 




What can data do for finding us a good book? 

We all have habits. The avid reader will have dozens of books they loved or hated.


How can data find us the next one?

By using machine learning, we can analyze data points from past reading habits and make smart recommendations telling readers the best book for them and why. 


Three main screens were created for this project representing the core functionality: the main recommendations page, the book analysis page, and the "Your DNA" page

Data First 

One of the first things you see when you select a book is the data behind the match score. The most relevant attributes are selected and ranked against your past reading habits. 

Iphone mockup.png
Front Page

When opening the app you'll be greeted by the best match for your reading preferences along with the next top 5 recommendations. 

Your DNA

Insights generated from your reading habits take center stage. Data is presented in visually engaging mediums and gives users the option to dive deeper into their insights. 

Book Match functions by assessing reading history to create data-driven recommendations based on attributes gleaned from public data and machine learning.

The Process

For this project, I jumped right into the sandbox. I wanted this to be a quick sprint to sharpen design skills and iterate quickly. I ran the design by family and added features and made changes based on feedback. 


I wireframed briefly and iterated on top of those designs. I let this project be a creative and evolving process testing and reworking as I went. From the beginning, I always referred back to my original concept and problem statement. I also created a user persona to refer back to as I was designing. 


Want to see a design with more process? Click here.

Primary Persona 


Age: 22

Occupation: Student 

Marisa is a busy student who loves to read. With all her studies she doesn't have a lot of time.  



She doesn't have a lot of time on her hands so she finds the process of finding a good new book to be frustrating and time-consuming. 

Wants & Needs:

Marisa wants an easier way to find her next book. She needs the process to be more simple and much faster. 

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