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At a glance 


Motmot's online store was struggling and hardly utilized with low traffic and sales. The previous site had usability issues and glaring glitches with overlapping elements. It was not optimized for conversion and was hard to use.


Increase Online Sales and Improve Utilization 


4 Week Primary Sprint 


Shopify Web Design Platform 

Liquid (Based on Ruby On Rails language)


The Challenge


Before the redesign, numerous site issues prevented the company from making online sales. To make my case, I identified these. First were usability issues. The site did not function on mobile and, when adjusted for half-sized screen sizes, completely lost structure and had numerous overlapping elements. Not only was this unusable and unreadable, but it was also unprofessional. Consumers first look to trustworthiness and professionalism when shopping online with small businesses. The design in that state communicated the opposite. 


Secondly was user flow and site structure. The site read like an informational site lacking avenues and points for customers to enter a purchasing funnel. The original site hid products on a separate product page instead of presenting them first. In this site structure, the focus was a primary issue. The site focused on the company itself and the people behind the scenes, not allowing for the products themselves to shine. The site allocated just as much space for an "about us" section as it did for products. 



The Solutions 


Firstly we explored different options for site-building. I compared and contrasted several options and presented them to leadership for evaluation. The switching of site-building tools immediately addressed the major usability issues. Mobile functionality and resizing worked better instantly. Originally leadership wanted to hire a CS student to volunteer to edit the existing code to fix usability issues over a period of months. By switching to a better and more accessible site-building tool instead, I reduced our time to launch by over 90%. 


I began reimagining the site flow by prioritizing our products first. First, I created an engaging landing page focused first on products. The landing allowed users to see our first three significant products, followed by one slide enabling users to learn more about the company. Products were followed by a section with a summary of the company's mission and a link to learn more. This action reprioritized the homepage and better balanced the mission explanation with funneling users to products. This pattern repeated throughout the site. 


Additionally, we discovered that our mailing list generated a considerable portion of our online sales. So I added a pop-up to convert customers and options to sign up at checkout and the bottom of critical pages. Our mailing list has since generated thousands in sales. 

Engaging product photos and landing
Increase in Online Sales


Increase in Store Sessions


Increase in Returning Customer Rate


Telling The Story 

Telling the story is key to building trust with Motmot's customers and building the legitimacy necessary to convert interested viewers into buying customers. 

the producers...
the staff...
the sourcing...
the history.

Selling Our Product


Adding subscription functionality generated 000's in recurring revenue


Adding invoicing functionality increased throughput and added a sleek checkout process that increased returning customers

Product Line

Adding a bundle option, priced to unlock free shipping, increased conversion and became our most popular product. This change was made based on insights that free shipping is the biggest factor in conversion for eccomerce.  

Follow Up

Creating automized follow-up emails lowered abandoned cart rate

Converting Subscribers  


Prompts to subscribe were added in a landing pop-up and at the bottom of key pages. 


Changing our email signup from opt-in to opt-out encouraged customers to hear from us again and increased newsletter signups


These changes have converted hundreds of customers to our mailing list up from a few dozen on our old site. 

Subscribed customers and email marketing have since generated thousands in sales.

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