Whole person whole athlete campaign brief 

The most exciting project I did at my job as a Social Media assistant was developing and pitching a marketing initiative that was adopted by the school. 


The pitch was titled "Whole Person, Whole Athlete" and it tied back into our university branding of "educating the whole person." This means that we focus holistically on each student and try to foster their growth in all their aspects, I wanted to highlight our athletes in all their aspects, not just the ones that involve them on the field. Our university is very focused on social justice and community involvement and I wanted to continue that through our athletics marketing. I asked how can we show athletes outside of their athletic element and how is that best done. I ended up going with a short documentary series of four two to three-minute highlights that would be shareable across all of our platforms. 

I put this together in a brief which is included below. I pitched this to my boss and was shocked at her response. The campaign was immediately adopted and expanded from four highlights to a full campaign highlighting all 18 teams, I was provided the resources of our video interns, she placed me as the point person to execute the project, and I was also offered a full page on our main website to promote the campaign. 

We got to work quickly and started putting together the first highlights. 

Unfortunately in spring, COVID shut our school down and athletics is still on pause even as we start the new school year. However, even though we didn't get to fully execute the project I learned an amazing amount along the way! Creating this brief and doing all the communication and planning that starting that project involved taught me so much. I can say now that I have created a full marketing campaign brief that was adopted by a company. I learned all the project management that went with it, how to conduct myself in pitch meetings to the entire communications team, how a pitch should be formatted to be effective, and so much about the logistics of carrying out a campaign.